11 September 2023

JSW Nowe Projekty is one of the laureates of the DEFENDER award.

On September 5-8, 2023, during the 31st International Defense Industry Exhibition MSPO, representatives of Project Teams IV and V presented the “Prototype of a mobile multi-sensor observation system intended to secure the border zone” (SOWA), presented at the exhibition by the position of the WAT Project Leader.

The MSPO fair ended with the presentation of DEFENDER awards for the preparation of products increasing Poland’s military security. The main idea of the competition is to reward products that stand out for their originality and innovativeness of technical and technological thought, functional values and favorable economic indicators. “The prototype of a mobile multi-sensor observation system intended to secure the border zone” received this year’s DEFENDER 2023 award in the group of equipment of the Special Forces, Military Police, Territorial Defense Forces, Police, Border Guard and Fire Service.

The observation system was created based on the experience of the AutoInvent project team as part of a scientific and research project implemented for defense and security by the consortium: Military University of Technology (Institute of Optoelectronics), JSW Nowe Projekty S.A., Vortex Sp. z o. o. z o. o., SZYBICKI Equipment and Superstructures for Specialized Vehicles Waldemar Szybicki. The originator and initiator of the project is the Border Guard Headquarters.

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