29 September 2022

AutoInvent System presented during military exercises “Recognition-22” of 10th Świętokrzyska Brigade of Territorial Defence Forace and 3rd radio-engineering battalion in Sandomierz

The AutoInvent System, during the “Recognition-22” exercise at the Nowa Dęba Military Training Center in the Lipa region on September 12-16, was used for visual protection of the radar station. The AutoInvent System automates the monitoring using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) after replacing the measuring head with an appropriate observation head. A dedicated interface for the operator has been developed for the purposes of monitoring. Visual protection missions are carried out automatically accordingly to a flight plan prepared in advance, which may be interrupted by the operator if a threat is detected. In such a case, the operator can stop the UAV at any point on the route and direct it to the area of the detected threat. After observing the selected location, the UAV can continue the mission or return to the autonomous landing spot build on a trailer, intended for charging and storing the UAV as well as enabling communication, transmission and processing of data after the flight.

About the exercise “Recognition-22” more information in Polish can be found on sites Polska Zbrojna and Radio Kielce.

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