30 October 2020

AutoInvent End Users Council Meeting

The End Users Council consists of four people selected in an open competition, to which a mining surveyor with qualifications and at least five years of service could apply. On the part of JSW Innowacje, a project team participating in the development and production of a system prototype participated in the meeting of the Council. The date for the meeting was set in the last month of industrial research after the end of tests in conditions similar to real ones, i.e. reaching the 6th level of technological readiness. As a result of the meeting, the Board issued a recommendation in which direction to conduct development works in the last year of the project implementation, which processes are most desirable for automation by mining surveyors and what additional products are expected that the system will be able to deliver. Based on these guidelines, as part of the development work, the project team will bring the project to the 8th level of technological readiness, i.e. it will install, test and demonstrate its operation in operational conditions at one of the mines at the JSW Group.

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